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Do you like maps? Do you enjoy graphic design but don't really have an interest in advertising? Do you like working with computers but don't want to major in computer science? Did you realize that you can apply these interests in a career in map making, more formally known as "cartography"? The B.S. in Geosciences (Geographic Information Science and Technology emphasis) can prepare you for a career in this field.


Volcanic Eruption Impact Map by Brad Cole

GIST students work in a modern, cross-platform computer lab reserved for the use of geosciences students. Available to our majors 24/7, the 26 workstations run Windows 7, have full licensure for ESRI's ArcGIS 10.3 software, and are linked to a dedicated file server. The lab is also equipped with a scanner, printers and a 3D printer. Students also have access to other field mapping equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles, GPS units, a Trimble Total Station, and more. Instruction using this equipment provides students with broad experience in map compilation and production. Students who complete the GIST program have many hours of intensive computer experience in a lab designed to emulate a professional mapping environment.

Crime Rate Map 
Crime Rate Map by Trent Otis.

Mapping Technology is a combination of the fields of cartography and geographic information systems. The program at Mansfield provides a strong background in map design and compilation as well as a good understanding of data management and an introduction to programming. The curriculum requires courses in map reading and air photo interpretation, remote sensing, GIS, and cartography. Graduates of this program work for engineering firms, mapping firms and local and regional government offices.

Joe Gerhart Soil Map 
Soil Map by Joseph Gerhart.