Watershed Management

What is one of the most important environmental concerns facing our country and the world? If your answer included issues of water quality and availability, then you are correct. Problems relating to water pollution -- including agricultural runoff, acid mine drainage, industrial discharges, floods and water shortages, stream restoration, and inadequate sewage treatment -- are making headlines for their increasing  importance as watersheds face growing peril.

Are you concerned about these issues? Do you want to make a difference in how they are resolved? Are you seeking a career with a strong outdoor component? If so, Watershed Management may provide the career path you're seeking.  As government agencies and private organizations address these issues, one of the things they will need is properly trained employees who know about watersheds and how to manage them.


Students practicing stream discharge measurement techniques.

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Dr. Jennifer Demchak, the lead instructor in the program, is a specialist in watershed management and has extensive on-the-ground experience. She has owned and operated a successful consulting business which covers all aspects of watershed management ranging from conducting assessments and writing restoration and protection plans to the design and installation of acid mine drainage treatment systems. For further information contact, please contact Dr. Demchak (jdemchak@mansfield.edu).


Our program in Watershed Management is designed to prepare you for entry-level positions or for graduate school. It is interesting, interdisciplinary and challenging. You will take courses in biology, chemistry, geology, geography and regional planning, as well as the core classes in watershed management (such as, watershed restoration, wetlands, watershed ethics and law, and watershed management policy). In addition, we highly recommend that you complete an internship with a government agency or private organization.


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Mansfield University is an especially appropriate location for this program. Why? All of the following are located within our county: diverse water chemistry; acid mine drainage impacted streams and demonstration projects to reduce their effect; varied land uses, bedrock and geologic structure; multiple flood control/water management projects; boundary between glaciated and non-glaciated landscapes; Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Geological Survey, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and local watershed groups are all active nearby; part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, a focus of much research and remedial work; and, nutrient loading of some streams from intense agriculture. In short, our county is an ideal outdoor laboratory for the study of watershed management and the faculty in our department will introduce you to it.